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One of my favorite memories of my dad Don Stroud is creating salsa with him in the early 2000’s. He named it Santa Anna’s Revenge after the Battle of San Jacinto that was fought on April 21, 1836. Sam Houston and the Texas Army defeated General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna’s Mexican Army in a fight that lasted just 18 minutes. After the Texas Army won, through our battle cries, Santa Anna yelled out, “I will have my revenge....through a jalapeno pepper!”



What started out as a salsa for us to enjoy turned into sharing with friends and family then people asking for jars. We have even used the salsa as payments for just about everything

My Dad hand drew the jalapenos to label the Santa Anna’s Revenge. In honor of my dad, I am using that drawing as a symbol for everything Strouderosa.

In 2018, I was helping my friend Craig with his iBBQ 4U food truck. I was just messing around to create a Texas BBQ sauce with a kick and gave out some samples. It turned out to be a hit! I played around with the recipe and started canning it.

​What started out as using the jalapeno BBQ sauce at the food truck and passing around to friends, quickly turned into people asking to buy. Again, and again, and again.

After I was furloughed January 2020, I started smoking meats and preparing meals for the holidays. We now do Meals of the Week and cater events. Contact us if interested.

- Matt Stroud & Family

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